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Child support and family violence

Many families in Texas are affected by family violence. Victims of family violence can be from any walk of life, any race, any neighborhood. When children are involved in a relationship it is important that the victim ensure everyone's safety. Most single parents require child support in order to be able to afford their rent, food, health care, etc. When family violence is part of a relationship it can be hard to pursue child support.

When a family violence victim needs to pursue child support, it is important to make sure their safety and their children's safety is the top priority. There are important things for a person to consider when they pursue child support. First if there are family violence issues then safety must be a priority. The Office of the Attorney General will place a Family Violence Indicator on a person's case if they are told that family violence has been a problem. The Family Violence Indicator will provide protection for the family. The parents will be separated during child support negotiations and contact information will remain confidential. In court all efforts will be made to keep the parents separate as well.

Unmarried parents and child custody

Many Houston residents have children with people they are not married to. In fact 40 percent of children born in the U.S. are born to single mothers. When it comes to child custody matters they can be complicated if the parents were not married.

In Texas, a child born to a mother who is not married does not have a father unless both parents sign a form acknowledging the paternity and then submit that form to the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics. A father can also be granted paternity if he has an agreed paternity order or if there is court ordered paternity. A father who has established his paternity has legal rights to care for his children. He can work out a child custody agreement with the mother or they can ask the court for support.

Credit card debt can really add up during a divorce

Sugar Land area residents who are going through a divorce know how emotionally trying the time can be. In addition to the extreme emotional anguish it can also be very expensive. Expenses add up quickly so it is important for people to be aware of the key financial issues. Property division is one of the most important aspects of a divorce so being aware of debt that existed in a marriage is important in making sure it is sorted out fairly.

Many times couples have joint accounts during the marriage but when a divorce is in the future it is important for both individuals to establish their own credit and know what their credit score is. For joint credit cards that are carrying debt, make sure you know how much debt there is and whose name the cards are under. If there is quite a bit of debt, consolidating the debt may be a good idea.

Financial steps to keep in mind during divorce

For most people in the Sugar Land area, a divorce can have huge financial implications. Going from one household to two households in addition to the costs of alimony, child support and legal fees can be quite overwhelming. Divorce can be financially stressful and it is important for those who going through such a situation to keep several things in mind. Property division and other divorce issues are unique to each family and can be complicated.

Going through such a turbulent time alone can greatly compound the stress involved. It can be worth having legal professionals to help with all of the complicated issues. A divorce attorney along with a financial professional and a therapist can assist in matters both legal and financial in nature.

Combat vets more at risk of domestic abuse

The Sugar Land area has many veterans as residents. The population is proud of its veterans and the service they have provided to the U.S. Unfortunately, the situations that many combat vets have experienced can lead to a higher risk of domestic violence and other family issues.

Studies have shown that veterans who have spent time in combat situations are more likely to engage in domestic violence than are other people. Over 80% of these veterans who engage in domestic abuse suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In total, more than 20% of domestic abuse situations are caused by veterans. Many times these veterans suffer from a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can cause aggressive behaviors and impulsivity.

Is a prenuptial agreement part of your wedding planning?

Sugar Land area residents who are recently engaged are usually full of excitement. Wedding planning can be fun and there are so many elements that need attention. Months are spent planning the ceremony, flowers, reception, honeymoon and more But, one important matter that couples may want to consider is a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements were once thought to be only for celebrities and the very rich. However, they have emerged as being helpful for most couples. A prenuptial agreement is a great way for couples to discuss important financial and personal matters before marriage. These topics generally are the ones that cause discord during the marriage and an eventual divorce, so discussing them before marriage can be beneficial for the long-term survival of the marriage.

The ways a house can be valued in a divorce

Many Sugar Land area residents have gone through a divorce. Divorce can be an emotionally traumatizing time for both spouses. It can be hard to look past the emotions and focus on the monetary, property division and child custody issues, but these are very important. The family home is one of the most important items that a divorce settlement encompasses.

The family home is often the largest asset that a couple owns. During a divorce, it is important that the house receives an accurate valuation whether one spouse decides to keep it or it is sold. There are several ways that a home receives an accurate valuation. One way is to have a home appraisal. An appraisal is usually the most accurate way that a house is valuated. It can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars, but it can be well worth it for the divorce settlement.

Can a divorced Texas parent move their child out of state?

Many divorced parents in the Sugar Land area may have the opportunity to move out of state for some reason. For most people moving isn't an issue, but if the person is divorced and wants to move their children out of state with them there can be problems. A child custody agreement often determines whether a parent can move. So, can a divorced parent move with their children out of state?

When parents get a divorce in Texas the courts usually award joint managing conservatorship or joint legal custody. This means that both parents share legal rights for the child, including where the child will live. The custody orders often prohibit one parent from moving out of a certain area, usually the county where the children currently reside. Therefore, if a parent has relocation in mind they need to have a court order that allows them to do this.

Divorce information for Texas seniors

Divorces among senior citizens in the Sugar Land area have been on the rise lately. Seniors today are in better health and realizing that they can have many years ahead of them, without being trapped in a bad marriage. A senior who is divorcing can have many complicated issues stemming from a long marriage, including property division among businesses, retirement accounts, etc.

Seniors who are contemplating a divorce have many unique issues. One thing they should keep in mind is that alimony is almost always given after a marriage that has lasted for many years. Seniors should also realize that their retirement savings will be affected by the divorce. Retirement savings are usually split up between the spouses, which leaves significantly less savings for one person. Also, keeping the family home may not always be the best option. If one spouse gets to keep the home, it means that the other spouse gains something as well. It is important to consider the expense of owning a home and whether those expenses make sense later in life. Moreover, when the divorce is finalized and another marriage is on the horizon, a prenuptial agreement is very important.

Tips for a successful Texas divorce

When Sugar Land area residents get married they often believe their marriage will last forever. But, the truth is that a significant percentage of marriages end in a divorce. There are some tips for those who are facing this situation for their divorce be successful. Divorce can be complicated, and issues such as property division and child support need to be well thought out.

One tip is to plan ahead for the divorce. This can include hiring an attorney on an advance retainer and taking a good look at finances. The financial information that should be looked at includes bank accounts, retirement accounts, debt and other assets. A person should think about what would happen if a bank account was closed, how they will pay for the mortgage and healthcare expenses and other serious financial matters.